Month: April 2018

Episode 17: Top 5 Best Movies with the Worst Performances

Garrett and Carson go searching for some rough in the diamonds.

Episode 16: A Quiet Place

Garrett and Carson get quite loud about A Quiet Place.

Episode 15: Ready Player One

Garrett and Carson press start on two-player co-op mode to review Ready Player One.

Episode 14: Pacific Rim: Uprising

Garrett and Carson mind meld to discuss the newest installment of the Pacific Rim franchise.

Episode 13: Tomb Raider

Garrett and Carson attempt to solve the many puzzles of Tomb Raider.

Episode 12: April 2018 Preview

Garrett and Carson preview some of the movies releasing in April 2018 and tackle another top 5 list.

Episode 11: The Hurricane Heist

Garrett and Carson attempt to weather the storm that is The Hurricane Heist.