Asking And Giving Opinion Showing Agreement And Disagreement

I think… Well, if you ask me… I want to point out that… As I see it… In my opinion… Asking and expressing opinions is something we often do every day in English. We need to ask questions and opinions in formal situations such as economics, writing, academic and informal texts and informal discussions. Sometimes, when we express opinions, we might like to give a reason. In other situations, you can use this to politely disagree with friends when they make plans or have a discussion about something. It is a very good way to express a strong opinion without being severely judged. By saying personally, you take full responsibility for the opinion.

Probably the most fundamental way in which we can express your opinion here. Try using part of the language to ask for opinions and express them. Choose a thematic theme such as: energy saving, obesity in the West, marriage, the price of branded shoes, the dangers of the Internet for children, the best Star Wars film, etc. Practice with a friend or write some dialogues like this: I don`t agree at all. I am afraid I do not agree with you. With all due respect, I must say that I do not agree. I do not agree with that at all. I can`t do that. That`s out of the question. I understand what you are saying, but I have a different opinion. This is a very formal but very useful sentence that you can use to express your opinion.

I think it`s a great way to tell people what you think and also to make sure they know that`s just your opinion. You could use it during a debate or if you decide with a group of people what they should do. Charlotte: Well, personally, I`d rather go bowling. But no one asked for my opinion. Dave: You should have said it! Can we do the same thing, if you like? So if asking and giving opinions is an important part of the language we use, it is helpful to learn a few different ways of giving and expressing opinions. Use “good… Introduce an opinion that someone may not like. It`s more polite. Sometimes, when we exchange opinions with other people, we might politely interrupt them. Below are a few phrases you can use to express opinions. Some of these phrases are more suited to written English, z.B. in an essay, while some can also be used in spoken English.

To the question of if I`m here? They do ask for permission to participate in the conversation or debate. It is especially used when you listen to two people who say you are not very well aware, or if the situation has nothing to do with you. So it`s your complete guide to expressing an opinion in an efficient and polite way! Personally, I think it went really well.