Top 5 List

Episode 107: Top 5 Scenes With Flares

Garrett and Carson rank their favorite movie scenes that use flares.

Episode 89: Top 5 Non-Fighting Marvel Cinematic Universe Moments

Garrett and Carson rank their top non-fighting moments from the first 21 films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Episode 72: Top 5 Rocky Moments

Garrett and Carson go the distance to list out their top 5 moments in the Rocky franchise.

Episode 60: Top 5 Movie Endings Since 1990

Garrett and Carson rank their top 5 movie endings since 1990.

Episode 52: Top 5 Trailers Seen Before the Movie’s Release

Garrett and Carson list their favorite trailers but only if they saw the trailer before the movie was released.

Episode 46: Top 5 Fight Scenes with No Guns in a U.S. Theatrical Release

Garrett and Carson pick their favorite fight scenes that meet some VERY strict criteria.

Episode 36: Top 5 Movies Only Seen Once

Garrett and Carson talk about their favorite movies that they’ve only seen once.

Episode 27: Top 5 Movies That Need a Reboot

Garrett and Carson decide which movies – in an era of reboots – actually need to be rebooted.

Episode 22: Top 5 Favorite Movies Nobody Has Heard Of

Garrett and Carson share some of their favorite movies that the average moviegoer probably doesn’t know about.

Episode 17: Top 5 Best Movies with the Worst Performances

Garrett and Carson go searching for some rough in the diamonds.