Google License Agreement

Google sets limits on your use of APIs at its sole discretion (for example.B. Limit the number of API requirements you can make or the number of users you can use). You agree with these restrictions, which are documented with each API, and don`t try to circumvent them. If you wish to use an API beyond these limits, you must obtain Google`s explicit consent (and Google may refuse such a request or condition your consent to additional conditions and/or additional user fees). To obtain such permission, contact Google`s API team for information (for example. B on Google`s development console). You state that the law allows you to grant the above licence. If your employer has intellectual property rights that you create, which contains your contributions, you declare that you have obtained permission to contribute on behalf of that employer, that your employer has waived these rights for your contributions to Google, or that your employer has performed a separate CORPORATE CLA with Google. You declare that each of your articles is your original creation (see section 7 for submissions on behalf of others). You state that your contributions contain full details of a third-party license or other restriction (including, but not limited to related patents and trademarks) that you are personally aware of and that are related to some of your contributions. You agree to display all of the attributions required by Google as shown in the API documentation. Google hereows a non-exclusive non-transferable, non-conceded license, while the terms of use for displaying Google`s brand functions for the advertising or advertising you use in APIs are effective. You may only use Google`s brand functions in accordance with the conditions and for the purposes of fulfilling your obligations in this section.

When you use Google`s brand functions, you need to follow Google branding policies. You understand and accept that Google has the exclusive power to determine whether your imputation (s) and the use of Google`s brand functions comply with the above requirements and policies. If you remove the content covered by this license from our services, our systems will no longer make this content available to the public within a reasonable time. There are two exceptions: the granting of the copyright license. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you grant Google and the recipients of software distributed by Google an unlimited, global, non-exclusive, free, free, irrevocable, use, preparation of derivative works, public advertising, public performance, underlicensing and distribution of your contributions and derivative works. Some of our APIs allow content to be transmitted. Google does not acquire ownership of the intellectual property rights to the content you transmit to our APIs via your API client, unless expressly stated in the Terms. Only to enable Google to provide, secure and improve APIs (and related services) and only in accordance with Google`s applicable privacy policy, you provide Google with a permanent, irrevocable, global, under-conceded, free and non-exclusive license for the use of content sent, sent or displayed by APIs via your API client.

“Use” means to use, host, save, edit, communicate and publish.