Learning Agreement Erasmus Munster

Students must complete a learning agreement indicating the courses they wish to take at the host university. This should be done in consultation with your service coordinator (your departments). The learning agreement should be signed by the department coordinators at UCC and sent back to the host university for approval. The learning agreement should include all the learning outcomes that the student needs to acquire during the exchange. To sign the scholarship contract, you must: Buddy programs offer help and opportunity for language and cultural exchanges between international students and Ca` Foscari. Upon your return, you can continue to enjoy an international university experience by participating in the Ca` Foscari Buddy program or by being part of one of our university`s student associations. Universities also help their foreign visitors to quickly and smoothly organize their studies and life in their host country so that they can focus on their training. Do you want to pay tuition abroad? The following programs are bilateral agreements in which student exchanges have been agreed abroad. Fachhochschule Catholique Nordrhein-Westfalen Internationaloffice – Central 02 21 / 77 57-313 It is your responsibility to check which certifications are accepted by the host institution. If in doubt, please contact the Erasmus office of your host school..

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