Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 500 Users

The CSP is a program for Microsoft partners to sell Microsoft`s cloud-based services. Microsoft hosts services in its computing center infrastructure, but partners manage the service directly with the customer. Under the PSC, partners offer “value-added services” in addition to Microsoft`s subscription programs. The CSP agreements involve one-year commitments. Microsoft generally does not have a minimum seating requirement for buyers of its cloud services. Microsoft Evolving Licensing Microsoft customers now use EAs, Select Plus or Open agreements or a combination of these agreements. AAs are three-year contracts that include software insurance coverage and allow organizations to enter into price-blocking agreements with Microsoft, while Select and Open agreements were a per-view software purchase model. The minimum requirements for users/devices apply to business customers as of July 1, 2016. Does not apply to server and cloud (SCE) recording. The minimum requirement for public sector customers is 250 users/devices. “The picture of distinction is that if you sign an EA today for Office 365, you are fixing on a number of licenses for Office 365 services. You`ll pay every year, then you`ll be sure and potentially down on an annual basis,” Gollnick said. But with MPSA, you have the option to sign this agreement and then commit to Office 365 services based on the requirements you have. So if you start with 100 Office 365 services and then want to scale over the course of a year, you can do so.

Essentially, if you want to acquire a seasonal Office 365 SKU based on the requirements of this schedule, you can also do so. It therefore shifts the agreement discussion to a sales transaction movement around a cloud service. Does your organization currently have a Microsoft EA (Enterprise Agreement)? Are you aware of the changes to the Enterprise Agreement program, which increased the minimum number of users/devices for qualifying a 250-user/device enterprise agreement to 500 users/devices? Is your organization below this new minimum threshold? “MPSA now offers more flexibility than any other program — licenses, licenses with software Assurance, Office 365, Visual Studio subscriptions, etc.,” said DeGroot.