Movie Title: Peppermint

Review: Peppermint (Carson’s View)

Peppermint is another take on the familiar theme of vengeance. There are movies that tell a similar story better than Peppermint does, but there are so many that do it much worse. You could make an entire genre of only revenge movies. Peppermint is somewhere in the middle of all of those. Jennifer Garner is…

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Review: Peppermint (Garrett’s View)

Peppermint is an action movie for people that will you tell you Taken is just as good as John Wick. Or that they really don’t see the difference between Atomic Blonde and Lucy. It’s not that they’re wrong, but it represents a dilution of these movies to their least common denominator: a hero going bang-bang and bad guys going bye-bye. It ignores —…

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