Nato Non Disclosure Agreement

SSM recognizes that some discussions on confidential information and potential partnerships may require confidentiality agreements with additional terms going beyond those contained in the SSM Model Agreement. In these cases, SSM encourages other parties to add redline treatments to the SSM proposal for further consideration. SSM may be ready to accept another party`s proposed confidentiality agreement. Note, however, that all of these agreements contain the public procurement requirements described above and must be approved by the SSM Office of Legal Counsel. If you are requesting the use of a non-SSM template, make sure that the above requirements are met before submitting them for SSM verification. Nothing in these definitions directly indicates a definition of classified project, which relates to the project that needs a defense and contains classified information containing all kinds of weapons of war, tools and equipment with the purchase and sale of important and critical subsystems and components, research and development of all kinds of production activities, the study of services and infrastructures and activities related to it contains the whole.