Pvusd Bargaining Agreement

Meanwhile, union president Francisco Rodriguez said he hoped the district and its teachers would reach an agreement on the district`s finances, which have been controversial in recent years. WATSONVILLE – Mediation negotiations between the Pajaro Valley Unified School District and its teachers` union stalled Monday after the parties failed to reach an agreement. “We are ready to reach an agreement with the district that will give us a fair contract,” said Francisco Rodriguez. “At this point, we are focused on following the rules of procedure.” Directors could also order the parties to return to the negotiating table. Both the union and the district have prepared the details of the 2016-17 teacher`s contract at the bargaining table. The district foundation board voted in favor of the treaty at its meeting on Wednesday, after announcing an interim agreement on May 11. Last week, 85 percent of the union`s pajaro Valley federation, about 952 teachers, voted to ratify the treaty. “If we all trust – if we all know and we are aware of the facts, it`s easier to reach an agreement,” Rodriguez said. The parties would then meet again at the negotiating table to review the results and try to reach an agreement. Navigator Schools CEO Kevin Sved said the nonprofit intends to appeal the decision to the Santa Cruz County Board of Education in late June. Francisco Rodriguez said the union had received the proposal and said it was part of the ongoing negotiations.

Beyond enforcement issues, school districts are often cautious when it comes to engaging outside charter schools outside their borders, fearing that schools will lead to fewer students and therefore less financial resources for district schools. “It was a battle of will,” said union leader Nelly Vaquera-Boggs. Teachers in adult and early childhood education would increase by 6%. If this were to fail, the report would eventually go to the board of trustees, which could ask the borough to impose the best and last offer of the district. For general questions, please call (831) 786-2145 or e-mail Aida_Alvarez. Among them: the charter school contained an expected donation of $150,000 in its budget without any information on its obtaining and contained a “totally inadequate” budget of the manual, according to Superintendent PVUSD Michelle Rodriguez. It also drew attention to the school`s education and special education plan. These findings have been challenged in public notices. Union officials also say the borough could push back its spending priorities to unlock the money. The teachers` union has called for a pay increase of $4,408 retroactive to this year that the borough cannot afford to pay, according to the borough. The borough hit back with a one-time payment of 3200 $US and a 2 percent pay increase for this year, which would be effective after ratification by the union. Negotiations are now entering the investigation phase, during which a three-member body reviews the district`s finances as well as teachers` demands and seeks possible compromises.

The teachers` union disputes this assertion and underlines the borough`s propensity to underestimate its final fund balance and maintain its reserves above the state-mandated 3 per cent. WATSONVILLE >> After 17 months of combative negotiations, the Pajaro Valley Unified School District and its teachers` union signed a new contract late Wednesday. The president of the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, Francisco Rodriguez, called the requirement a “cost deferral.” These increases will also reduce the district`s additional reserve from 3 per cent to 0.8 per cent, so that it will remain only with the 3 per cent prescribed by the state – about $7 million – by 2021.