Review: A Star is Born (Carson’s View)

The fourth remake of A Star is Born gave Lady Gaga her first big screen leading role. Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut will probably encourage him to try it again soon. They both appeared to be seasoned veterans at their new undertakings. The original music throughout makes it very hard to forget this movie as it will be stuck in your head for days. Sprinkle in a little Sam Elliot and you got yourself a winning recipe. The academy will undoubtedly take notice.

Cooper and Lady Gaga have great on-screen chemistry and their story starts off pretty perfectly. The first act of A Star is Born could rival any other in 2018. All of the character’s relationships were developed organically and never forced. There are times you want to be fed more backstory, but you are often left hanging.

The performances of Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle will be overlooked by most, but these two previously AWOL comics surprisingly held their own in dramatic roles. I half-expected Pauly Shore to show up at the end and earn a best supporting actor nomination. Unfortunately, there is no Pauly, but you do get Lady Gaga stealing the show. Not only as a singer, but as a charismatic actress as well.

Be warned, the emotional roller coaster ride A Star is Born takes you on could give you whiplash.