Review: Cam (Garrett’s View)

<insert an obligatory comment regarding similarity to a Black Mirror episode here>

With that out of the way, Cam is a solid, small-scale, low-budget, semi-erotic thriller from Netflix and Blumhouse. It is a fairly straightforward premise, so it is a bit head-scratching that it would spend almost a third of its runtime setting up the world of cam girls before the crux of the story begins to appear. Once the movie decides to build momentum, it becomes pretty thrilling and hits peak tension midway through the third act. As with most thrillers though, the payoff is key. And while Cam’s concluding twist is easily understood, it fails to deliver strongly. Its revelation evokes more of an “oh, ok” response as opposed to the “wow!” it could have garnered had it driven home its conclusion with any sort of force or resonating message.

And yeah, it would be a middle-of-the-road Black Mirror episode.