Review: Cold Pursuit (Garrett’s View)

If you went into Cold Pursuit expecting the next run-of-the-mill Liam Neeson action flick, nobody would blame you. Especially Liam Neeson himself since he was apparently the only actor in the entire film to not realize that director Hans Petter Moland was really attempting to craft a dark comedy. While Neeson is in full Taken 4 mode, the rest of the cast and crew are trying to be the next In Bruges.

Through sheer perseverance, the film drags Neeson along like dead weight for the first half of its runtime. While this initially creates a very uneven tone, it at least plants the seeds of the dark humor that will take over in the second act when Neeson gets relegated to the back seat for a while. And it is this humor that will inevitably determine the fate of Cold Pursuit. If audiences get a good laugh out the film’s morbid wit, Cold Pursuit will earn its praise. If not, the lack of action combined with the same old stiff grit and grumble from Liam Neeson will leave viewers out in the cold.