Review: Good Boys (Carson’s View)

Good Boys is a good movie.  I am just not quite sure who it is for.  Rated R for language and sexual situations, however, the plot itself is one for the Disney Channel. Too raunchy for kids, not enough story for most adults. 

The shock value and humor of tweens using profanity and talking about adult situations that they don’t understand carries Good Boys through the first half.  After you have been desensitized to that, the rest will depend on how you enjoy a friendship and coming of age story through the eyes of 6th graders.  It actually has a really good message for kids, if they were allowed into the theatre.  

Good Boys is like a “Vulgar Sandlot” set in modern times, with no baseball, and not as good.  That isn’t meant to be a knock on Good Boys, to even be in the same category as The Sandlot speaks volumes.  The people who will enjoy Good Boys the most are the ones who shouldn’t be allowed to watch it in the first place.