Review: Ready or Not (Carson’s View)

Ready or Not surprised me.  After watching the trailer, nothing stood out to me as something I was looking forward to seeing. It looked basic and had the potential to be a very, very bad movie.  At least, I thought, it could be so bad that it would be funny.  Needless to say, I had pretty mediocre expectations as I entered the theater.  Those thoughts were almost immediately subverted.

Ready or Not was a reasonably well thought out, up-tempo, dark comedy.  It was filled with engaging characters that avoided common tropes in movies of the same nature. Audiences will enjoy the consistent mix of cringing gore and well-placed humor.

Ready or Not puts a unique spin on the “People Hunting People” genre (Yes, there are enough movies out there to create that genre!).  Most of them are very similar in motivations, characters, plot, and execution.  Ready or Not does enough different in each of those areas to stand out in an increasingly controversial category of movies.