Review: Us (Carson’s View)

Us has all the right components to be an all-time great horror movie.  Great concept, wonderful cast, superb directing, and an unforgettable score.  Jordan Peele’s sophomore outing did almost everything right; except for the writing.  Peele sacrificed his script and concept in an attempt to drive home his social message of class inequality.

Us gave us one of the most brilliant and terrifying trailers I have ever seen.  Using a creepy version of “I Got 5 on It” in the trailer and in the movie itself was a stroke of genius.  It set the stage to be the horror movie of a generation. Regrettably, the movie lost the horror vibe after the first 30 minutes.  In what was done so seemingly effortlessly in Get Out, gave Peele major issues in UsUs spent the remainder of the run-time seeking to force his message into the story which only creates questions and plot holes throughout.

I am excited for Jordan Peele’s next outing as he has proven he is a very capable director with many fresh new ideas.  Unfortunately, until then we are left to wonder what Us could have been if he had just set out to make a great horror movie.