Review: Halloween (2007) (Carson’s View)

Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboot does a lot of things right, and a few things really wrong.  The first thing it does right is the casting of the 6 foot 8 inch Tyler Mane as Michael Myers.  A man of intimidating stature makes Michael’s strength believable as he squeezes the life out of teenagers. One thing…

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Review: Halloween (2018) (Carson’s View)

Michael Myers is back once again. But not like he has been back before. He is back for the first time… again. Confused yet? This installment of Halloween is the 11th movie in the Halloween franchise. However, you are supposed to forget all of those other movies except for the original when watching this 2018…

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Review: Halloween (2018) (Garrett’s View)

Describing Halloween (2018) is far more complicated than the actual movie is. It is a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic with which it shares the same title. It ignores the 7 other sequels including the 2007 Rob Zombie reboot of the same name as well its sequel. If you’re keeping score at…

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