Thaidene Nene Establishment Agreement

Chief Ernest Betsina of Ndilo and Chief Edward Sangris of Dettah signed the agreement with Jonathan Wilkinson, the minister responsible for Parks Canada, in a virtual meeting on Friday. Today: The founding agreements between Łutsel K`e Dene First Nation (LKDFN) and federal and territorial ministers are expected to be signed in August 2019. This is the end of the creation of Thaidene Nëné! The final agreement defines the role of the Yellowknives First Nation First Nation on the regional board of directors, how its traditional knowledge is used in park management, and obligations for training, employment and contractual opportunities, the news release said. The government of T`li Cho has a ratified land right and an autonomy agreement. Under this land claim, the countries of T`li Cho, Mowhi Gogha Dè Nṳtleè, overlap with the northern part of the national park reserve. The North Slave Métis Alliance also asserts the territory of the region. A Parks Canada news release says the agreement signed with YKDFN is the last thing needed to move forward with the parking reserve. Parks Canada entered into agreements in 2019 with Lutsel K`e Dene First Nation and Deninu K`ue First Nation – the other two parties under the umbrella of akaitcho First Nations. During a virtual meeting, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister of Parks Canada, signed an agreement with Chief Ernest Betsina and Chief Edward Sangris, who represented La Dene Yellowknives First Nation. Today`s signing complements partnerships between Parks Canada and the other two Akaitcho First Nations, Łutsël K`é Dene First Nation and Deninu K`ue First Nation, at the Thaidene Nene National Park Regional Management Board.

It also marks the conclusion of the series of federal agreements necessary for the Nene Thai National Park Reserve. “Yellowknives First Nation looks forward to working with the Government of Canada and other signatories to the agreement to promote and operate the park.” “The establishment of the Nëné Thai National Park Reserve in the traditional territory of Akaitcho and the signing of this agreement with the federal government respects the will of our elders and people,” Betsina said in the statement. In the early 2000s, the Łutsël K`e Dene First Nation approached the Canadian government to renew the talks. In 2005, the Łutsël k`e Dene First Nation demarcated an area it called “Thaydene Nëné”, part of its traditional territory that it wanted to protect through the creation of a national park and other conservation measures. The First Nation First Nation entered into Treaty 8 in 1900 and is currently one of the Akaitcho First Nations negotiating a focal claims agreement. In 1914, Chief Suzie Drygeese drew a map describing the traditional hunting grounds of Dene Yellowknives; This area became known as chief Drygeese Territory and extends to the eastern arm of the Great Slavic Lake….