Unifor Agreement Regina

Bittman held Thursday`s rain responsible for the small union crowd and hushed reaction to its announcement, but said the deal relieves workers who have been facing insecurity for six months. He said, which started with the fact that they were locked out by their employer, led to six trips to the bargaining table for him and even death threats online. Details of the provisional agreement will only be released when Local 594 members hold a ratification vote. The union has pledged that the “return to work” protocol will protect local union members and leaders from Co-op retaliation. The 730 unifor 594 members had been on the picket line since December 5, but will return to work in the coming weeks, in line with the new contract`s return-to-work agreement. To arrange interviews in person or via Skype/FaceTime, please contact natalie Clancy, Unifor`s Director of Communications, at Natalie.Clancy@unifor.org or 416-707-5794 (cell). “They never hesitated during this nasty argument, and we will always be grateful for the support we have received from our Unifor family and the entire labour movement. He was a union destroyer on the part of an employer who made billions from our backs, and together we fought and defended our collective agreement. Local 594 President Kevin Bittman said he was proud of the solidarity and strength of Unifor members, but reprimanded the FCL for taking so long to reach an agreement. CRC suspended its employees on December 5, 2019.

Unifor Local 594 represents approximately 730 CRC employees. The two sides disagreed, especially on pensions. M. Gil Le Dressay, FCL`s vice president for refiners, hailed the deal as a balanced agreement that accurately reflects the concerns of union employees as well as the fiscal realities of the sector. For more information, please contact Kathleen O`Keefe, Unifor Communications representative, at kathleen.okeefe@unifor.org or 416-896-3303 (cell). The deal could end a six-month lockout, but while Unifor executives were happy to have a deal, they remain annoyed by the FCL`s negotiating tactics. CRC said the agreement included “the monetary aspects of our best and final offer as well as a clearly defined return-to-work agreement. and an offer that reconciles the appreciation of our unionized employees with the fiscal realities of the refining sector.┬áREGINA – Unifor Local 594`s bargaining committee has reached a preliminary agreement with the Co-op refinery employer, 197 days after Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL) locked out 730 workers. In a written statement sent Thursday morning, the union said it worked during negotiations to ensure the return-to-work aspect of the agreement protects members from retaliation from Federated Co-operatives Limited. To arrange interviews with Kevin Bittman, please contact Local 594 Chief Shop Steward Richard Exner at chiefshopsteward@unifor594.com or 306-530-9965. Federated Cooperatives Ltd. .