What Is A Cable Franchise Agreement

The NCTA requires us to count PEG transportation costs that go beyond a “single PEG transport return line intended to connect the PEG studio to the wired network or headbands” at a five percent ceiling. While we agree that the costs associated with using transmission lines for “episodic” or “short-term” PEG programs are operating costs subject to the franchise fee cap, we refuse to establish a fixed amount of PEG transmission return lines that is “reasonable” pursuant to Section 621(a)(4)(B). [49] Similar to the number of PEG channels in a system, the number of reasonable return lines in a franchise area may vary depending on specific circumstances such as the number of subscribers in the franchise area, the territory covered by the franchise and the number of cable operators in the franchise. Congress considered the question of the indispensable in the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 (47 U.S.C ยง 325 et seq.). The Cable Act of 1992, passed by President George H.W. Bush`s veto, required cable systems to broadcast most local broadcasting channels and prohibited cable operators from charging local stations royalties to transmit their signal. .